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Malaysia Cheating in AFF Final, Web Hacked

site hacked
Most news all over Indonesia said Malaysia Cheating in AFF Final last night in Bukit Jalil. Where was Indonesia defeated by Malaysia 3-0. But the victory did not get a warm welcome from various parties for fraudulent Malaysia supporters who fired a laser toward the Indonesian players. That what Indonesian player said.

I don't know what the true.. .. so I think.. my opinions is not important.
But yeahhh sure I m dissapointed...because."Kemenangan yang susah payah di capai tidak di iringi dengan sanjungan dan pujian tapi dengan celaan dan cacian"  Really not fair for the Malaysian Players. Gara2 nila setitik, rusak susu sebelanga.

And since last nite few of Malaysian Website got Hacked
Here some of it list

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SRC: klik-ok.blogspot

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